chloe + zoe splendour 2009

mickey avalon 2009 - via the cobrasnake

wes' 19th

zoe + sophie

chloe + zoe with mickey avalon

i have recently discovered a new application for my iphone which got me rather well as polarizing photos i have found an application called photo filters which changes a photo to a lomography, polarized form, black and white or retro which keeps me amused for hours i also found a few cute replicas of asian photo booth style editing called sticki lite and ipurikura lite x


Lori said...

i really love the photo effects on these, Polaroids are the best

ANN said...
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ANN said...

I love the polaroid effects on these! & thank you for that last sentence hahaha my friend would looooove those asian photobooth style editing things :D

The Queen of Hearts said...

Seriously, amazing -- these look like vintage.